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Top 15 Best Assamese Novels To Read In 2019: Assam has a rich cultural heritage, whether it is about Assamese literature or Assamese Movies.

Assamese literature is rich with the contribution of great authors who have written some great Assamese Novel and Their literary work is a treasure trove for the Assamese people.

There are several masterpieces when it comes to Assamese Books . If you ask for some of the best Assamese books to read then Following is a checklist of Top 15 Assamese novel chosen by most of the readers.

In this article, You read about the Top Assamese Books of all time and You will get the thrill,  passion, and love with these novels. These are all great works of assamese authors.

Here the List of Best Assamese Novels to read

1. Aximot Jar Heral Seema( Who lost Their Limit in Infinity) by Kanchan Barua

Aximot jar heral sheema assamese novel pdf

Aximot Jar Heral Seema is a popular Assamese novel that crossed the limit of popularity. This novel is written by the famous author late Bhubanmohan Baruah under the pen-name of Kanchan Baruah. Every Assamese novel lovers from the present generation who likes the Assamese literature must start their novel reading with This novel Ashimat Jar Heral xeema.

This novel was written in the ’90s and still in 2019 it continues to rule the hearts of lakhs of Assamese novel readers.

2. Makam (The Golden Horse) by Rita Choudhury

Makam is an Assamese novel which is written by Rita Chowdhury, a famous award winning Assamese poet and writer.

Makam Assamese books pdf

The Novel Makam based on struggle sufferings of the Chinese Assamese people in North East region in the past two centuries. It is a document of how the Chinese were brought to India decades earlier by the British in order to work as a laborer on the tea gardens.

Then the Chinese married into different communities and speaks different native languages of Assam. But during the 1962 Sino-Indian war the Chinese Assamese were brutally forced to force leave India. and Then around fifteen hundred Chinese Assamese were imprisoned before being deported to China.

3. Miri Jiyori (The Miri Maiden) Assamese Book by Rajanikanta Bordoloi

Miri Jiori was the first Assamese novel that was published in the year 1894 written by Rajanikanta Bordoloi.

miri Jiyori Assamese popular Novel

It is another popular Assamese novel that is a must-read for Assamese readers who has interest in Assamese literature.

Download Miri Jiyori In pdf Format.

This novel based on a simple love story of mishing(A native Assamese community) couple. Janki and Panoi are the main characters of this novel and they were deeply in love. But, panoi’s father prefers another boy named Komud son of the local village chief. After hearing all this, panoi runs away and is reunited with her true love but eventually caught. And there is no happy ending and the immortal love of jonki and panoi led to terrible consequences.

4. Moro Ata Xopun Aase ( I Have Also A Dream) by Dr. Rubul Mout

Moro Ata Xopun Aase is an Assamese novel which means I have also a dream is a real-life story of Dr. Rubul Mout who is a scientist and he himself is the author of the novel.

In this novel, the author expressed his struggle to follow his dreams and how he succeeds. he explained how he reached Americas Massachusetts University from a poor family a village of Assam.

It is again a must read Assamese book for the young generation for inspiration.

5. Deulangkhui (The Divine Sword) by Rita Choudhury

Deulangkhui is again a popular Assamese novel written by the famous Rita Choudhury.

Deulangkhui means “the divine sword”. This novel unveils the aspects of Tiwa society and their customs and traditions. the protagonist is the royal lady chandraprava, queen of pratap chandra. It is based on historical evidence of Tiwa kingdom.

Assamese book pdf

The romance conflict betrayal and loyalty of then Assam is reflected on this Assamese Book.

The author Rita Choudhury got Sahitya academy award for Assamese by the Sahitya Academy for this amazing historical Assamese book.

6. Mamore Dhora Taruwal by Indira Goswami

The Novel Mamore Dhora Taruwal is written by Indra Goswami. She is popularly known by her pen name Mamoni Raisom Goswami.

Indra Goswami(Mamoni Baideo) is one of the most popular Assamese writers in Assam. She had written Many Assamese Novels and Mamore Dhora Tarowl is one of them.

7. Ai Homoy Hai Homoy by Rita Choudhury

Ai Homoi Xei Homoi is an interesting Assamese book describing the political scene of Assam from the time of Assam movement to the present day.

The central character is based on Aditi Chowdhury and wrapped in an emotional storyline of self-discovery, courage, and morality.

This book is written by the well known Assamese author, poet Rita Choudhury.

8. Nahoror Niribili Sa by Anuradha Sharma Pujari

Nahoror Niribili Sa is well written by the author Anuradha Sharma Pujari. In this novel, the author depicted the University LIfe.

The Hostel life, the enjoyment, the love, the romance and the friendship of University life of a student are well described in this Assamese book by the author.

9. Boragee Nodir Ghat Assamese Novel by Anuradha Sharma Pujari | 

Boragee Nodir Ghat is an Assamese novel written by Anuradha Sharma Pujari.

She is an influential Assamese author and her this novel is also a must read Assamese book for the Assamese literature lovers.

10. Aashirbador Rong (The Hues of Blessings) written by Arun Sarma.

The story of this novel begins in 1935 and included the Quit India Movement of 1942.

The author Arun Sharma received the Sahitya Academy award for this Novel Aashirbador Rong. It is the best novel written by Arun Sharma.

11. Mauna Outh Mukhar Hriday by Yeshe Dorjee Thongch

Mouna Outh Mukhar Hriday (Silent Lips and Murmuring Hearts) is an novel based on a tragic love story set against the backdrop of an Arunachal Pradesh.

Books to read in assamese

This tragic story is written by the well-known author Yeshe Dorjee Thongch.

12. Antoreep by Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia | Assamese Novel

Assamese Novels books download

13. Dhushar Pakhir Rong by Ranju Hajarika

14. Xondhy (I forgot the author’s name)

15. Andulito Akash by Monalisha Saikia






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